Metal Straightening

  • Metal Straightening Services Cleveland Ohio

    Metal Straightening Services Cleveland Ohio

  • Metal Straightening Cleveland Ohio

    Metal Straightening Cleveland Ohio

R & J Cylinder and Machine is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Ohio machine shop offering metal straightening services for customers in Cleveland, Ohio and throughout the US including:

  • Round Shaft Straightening
  • Bar Straightening
  • Roll Straightening
  • Tube Straightening
  • Pipe Straightening

We can also straighten various other shapes. Our metal straightening capabilities include a wide range of manual straightening presses with the ability to provide press straightening, pipe straightening and tube straightening up to a 300 ton capacity.

Metal Straightening Services Cleveland and Throughout Ohio

  • Press Straightening
  • Rotary Straightening – Pipe Straightening, Tube Straightening

Secondary Machining Services Finishing Services

We provide secondary machining services in Cleveland and throughout Ohio including:

  • Grinding
  • Plating
  • Trepanning
  • Heat Treating
  • Small hole drilling
  • Deep hole drilling
  • Plate Burning
  • Light/Medium Fabrication
  • Light Assembly

Metal Straightening Capabilities


We can straighten and round most metals up to 21 inches outside diameter


to 21" diameter


to 20" wide


to 30 feet


Materials /Metals we Work With

Any ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Production Volume

Large and small

Quality Assurance Testing

Micrometers and Indicators

Machining Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2015

Lead Times Available

Rush, Emergency, Customer Requirements

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