Small Bore Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

R & J Cylinder specializes in the engineering and manufacture of small bore welded hydraulic cylinders for a variety of applications. Our small bore hydraulic cylinders are exceptionally rugged high-quality cylinders that are built for optimal life especially in long duty cycle applications.

Our hydraulic cylinder engineering team can handle any fabrication challenge. Our ASME certified welders put care and precision into every small bore hydraulic cylinder we make. R & J Cylinder’s small bore cylinder fabrication capabilities include custom engineering of a wide array of cylinder styles and types, multiple body and mount options, actuator options, all the way to final finish of every cylinder.

We are committed to being unique in the hydraulic cylinder manufacturing market. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process gives us a total cost advantage over the life cycle of every custom hydraulic cylinder we make.

Our unique combination of engineering and fabrication professionals at R & J Cylinder includes over 100+ years of materials experience, application experience and processing experience, making us one of the most agile and high-performance hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Ohio and the US.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinder Specifications—Small Bore

Bore Size: 1" to 4"
Stroke Length: 300"
Operating Pressure: up to 10000

Available as Heavy Duty/Medium Duty/Light Duty

Small Bore Welded Hydraulic Cylinder Styles

Round Ring Retained Cylinder
Rod Fed Cylinder
Displacement / Ram Cylinder
Threaded Body Cylinder
Bolted head Cylinder
Single Acting/Double Acting Cylinder
Master/Slave Cylinder

Small Bore Welded Hydraulic Cylinder Options and Features

Application Specific Materials
Round body hydraulic cylinders; other body types as required by any application

Application Specific Construction Options

  • Actuator options
  • Hydraulic cushions
  • Piston seals/Low friction seals/Application Specific Seal Materials options
  • Integrated Valve options
  • Porting options
  • Electrical options
  • Position Sensing options
  • Re-phasing
  • Exterior finish including various coating and plating options

Welded Cylinder Mount Options

  • Clevis Mount
  • Cross Tube Mount
  • Flange Mount
  • Trunnion Mount
  • Adjustable Mount
  • Lug Mount

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